Stonehearth goes 1.0!


Guess we figured out why there was only ever going to be one titan - hopefully you guys don’t get so bored with your next projects!


I’ve not really been active much, but I still play the game from time to time and still find it very enjoyable, but I do agree it still feels like there’s something missing. Although the thing is missing. I feel its still very enjoyable, but is combat going to get any attention before support is pulled, I feel that being improved would be a huge plus, as its annoying hearthlings still priorities walking around farms.

I also noticed that the edge of the world was never listed, is that still happening or has it been cut?

Like other people here, all your hard work has been noticed and 5 years of dedication to make stonehearth happen is a major accomplishment, and for the price I paid I defiantly got an amazing experience, both in game and here on the discourse. So thank you so much for keep working at Stonehearth, its turned into a great game. I’ve enjoyed being apart of this awesome community so much, I will miss all the devs a lot once they go, I still pay full attention to the development I just lerk, You will all be missed by me :heart_eyes: :frowning:

Thank you for all your work, I honestly will miss reading the desktop Tuesdays, It will take me some time to come to terms it won’t be happening for much longer :frowning: but here’s to a new start for the devs and moving on to something else new and exciting!



Is it tied to a savefile? I thought it was a leak somewhere in the code. I mean, I can upload the file, no problem, but I can hardly see how it helps if the problem generally doesn’t exist on relaunching the game and appears after 1-2+ hours of playing (at least in my case).


Playstyles vary a lot. There are infinite possible scenarios that could lead to a memory leak, maybe it’s triggered at some part of the code and doesn’t happen for everyone.

If letting that savefile play for 1-2 hours (preferably without having to interact with it) does reproduce the lag, then it helps us a lot.

If I’ve learned one thing working as a QA all these past years is that if you want a bug fixed you should give the easiest repro steps you can find, so that the devs don’t have to spend much time getting it to happen plus the time they spend on investigating the cause of the bug (sometimes it’s trivial to fix, but other times it isn’t or the root cause is at low level code, much harder to find) and the time they spend on fixing it and minimally testing the fix before returning the ticket to QA.

This is why I always ask for so much information and savefiles and logs in your bug reports :slightly_smiling_face:

Without your help, finding these bugs would have been much harder.


This has been so sudden. I can help but feel sad. It has been a lot of years following stonehearth and now I feel like being in an empty house. :no_mouth:
I want to congratulate the team, who has been wonderful, and wish them the best of luck for their future projects and at the same time I’m unhappy because I consider the game is mostly finished but not complete.
It has been a wonderfull trip and likely I’m just sorry that it ends.:sob::sob::sob:
@sdee, @devs, I still have a little less than a month, Is there a last thing you would like to see built before the release? Something you like?

Wishing you the best, Kyth :cry:


My issue isn’t with cutting filler things like dwarves and geomancers; it’s that we don’t have much in the way of questlines and there is very little to explore. The world still feels very small and empty. If the team is ready to move on to other projects, couldn’t Riot allocate other people to finish this one? (I know nothing about making games, which is why I’m asking if that’s even possible.) I know sdee said otherwise, but it really does feel like Riot is killing this game at this point. It doesn’t feel done in the slightest, and I’m not just saying that as someone who kickstarted this. I finished one campaign in three in-game months and the other in about the same amount of time. So you could finish the quests before winter even comes around. And re-embarking doesn’t add that much more longevity to the gameplay in my opinion. Plus there are no dungeons, which I was really looking forward to. And yeah the cult just seems like an unfinished after-thought.

I get that Riot has to draw the line somewhere in order to make money, but this is a little ridiculous. The game literally just now went into beta. This is the time when you can finish content now that the systems are in place. I know games are difficult to make, but doesn’t Riot at the very least care about filling it out? I also get that Radiant’s promises during the kickstarter days were not Riot’s promises, but it still feels rotten to cut stuff that seemed so fundamental to what this game was supposed to be.


@sdee Special thanks to you and the team for the past 5 years! Stonehearth was the first game I modded and I spent many hours learning WebGL and reverse engineering the cubemitter for my unofficial SHED program/effects editor. Nothing great ever came from it, but it was another opportunity for me to continue my lifelong learning. Good luck to you all and thanks again for all you
gave to this game.


Yup! Look for them veeeryyy soooooon…

I’m afraid that further support is just not aligned with Riot’s priorities at this time. I know this is so hard to understand from a Stonehearth POV, but I do understand when I look at it from the perspective of the people who care so deeply about the company’s other priorities; they have a few things they really want to be focusing on and every person who is not working on one of those is not helping the overall goal of the company. I think for the future, it’s a lesson about how if you’re not the thing that’s at the heart of the solar system, you’re always going to come in second place… so maybe try to be the heart of the solar system as good insurance.

And… this is not just a Riot thing. It’s a “what you have to do to run the best business you can thing.” I worked at VMware for almost a decade, and the story about what happened to their Workstation project, which started out as the heart of the company and then became sort of forgotten because the business moved aggressively into server software, is probably an even greater example of this.

The tldr on opensource is that it’s a possibility, but with 90% of the code already out there, we’re not sure how much improvement it would be to offer the last bits of C++. On the flip side, it would take a lot of effort for us devs to make sure it’s clean enough to really offer.

If there’s something you need C++ exposure to, in order to work on a project, maybe make a list so we can keep track of it? Or make it avaialble through an API?

Beautifully said. :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding the soundtrack files that exist in the game right now to the KS backer pages of the people who backed.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this for a while too. It’s hard to put a finger on! Maybe… like… a tighter core loop?

It has, alas :frowning:

I would… really love to see a save where little hearthling versions of all of us–devs and discourse regulars–can all hang out together. :slight_smile: In your amazing style.

As for staying in touch, I’ve checked discourse nearly every day for the last five years, and probably won’t stop any time soon. :slight_smile:

Terrain Generation - Can you do overhangs?

Yeah, Northern Alliance, Buns, Titan, and Geomancer had been in progress from the content team (Luke, Max, Allie, Malley) since January, but were waiting for final touches behind MP/Builder/Performance.

The release schedule is a bit wonky because it couldn’t be beta till the main systems were done, but we can’t push out the release date any more because people have made commitments to new teams/life adventures, etc. I’m pretty sure that the content is stable enough to land successfully, but it’s a bit weird to get the equivalent of 5 alphas all in a month (seasons would be the last one).


Oh, drats. Something I missed in my first response;

Engineer: Currently available.

Does that mean the existing class is going away?
Or just nothing new for it?


Just nothing new, it was a kickstarter promise and was fulfilled :merry:


Okay, excellent. I was afraid it was going to disappear and I’d lose any chance at the mod idea I keep kicking around (and not pursuing yet :sweat: )


I’ve been gone for a while now, as my concerns were always met with, “Let’s wait and see” whenever I talked about how this game was coming to an end. And then I see this news article on my Steam today and had to return.

Honestly, I could rant about so many things at this point, but it doesn’t really matter. I know what I said vs what’s happened. That said, a few questions I was hoping would be answered but I haven’t read yet;

  1. With the game crashing to an end, and all the devs leaving in less than a year’s time, will the engine become open-source with release 1.1 for others to create community fixes and additions in 2019 and the future?

  2. With the Kickstarter pet backers (mod), will there be some sort of protection on its use, or will it just be another steam workshop mod that everyone, whether they backed or not, can use?

  3. Will the “Not Implemented” Job abilities be finished or was that “Cut From The Game” as well?

I had more, but have forgotten them at this point. Also just noticed the submitting your name for the thank you on Kickstarter and see that I’m 5 days too late. Sorry to be egotistical about it, but hope I can still get on that list.

  1. that was somehow answered over here i think:
    A Message to the Devs and the Community
    from Max:

On the point of open-sourcing the C++ engine. We have certainly discussed this, and the decision not to do it is not final. However, if you look at the practical aspects, it does not provide much beyond what is possible with Lua,

2 and 3 calling @sdee maybe


Wow…time sure does fly by fast!!! I remember seeing y’all on kickstarter and begging my dad to let me back y’all. Of course he said no, but from that day on I have been constantly watching the game grow and I have been telling my friends about y’all and informing the world what an amazing game y’all built. 5 years later I’m going off to college with a tear in my eye that that part of my life is over. But Congratulations to y’all!!! Y’all accomplished what yall set out to do.

Though I must say that this is not exactly what I assumed would happen when y’all finished the game. I was expecting 1.0 to release, and then like minecraft or many other games for the next few years every few months a new update(like the alphas). Though I guess we cant get everything we want.

On the note of good bye, could you tell us what everyone on the team is moving onto and a dedicated page for the social media accounts so we can keep up with the team( and constantly beg them to come back XD!!!) Saying goodbye is hard, but when you know you have a way to stay connected, the goodbye is much easier.

Again Congrats!!!


Your third question I really want to know. I have been literally waiting years for those to be implemented(I think XD).


Even if the game isn’t everything I wanted it to be it still hit close to the mark. And the 246 hours I put into really show that I got every cent out of those $20 I spent on it. And I know that many others of y’all had hundreds of more hours from it. I paid 8 cents for every hour I played. Money well spent.


Also in the spirit of remembering, is there anyway to access a download for every alpha published so that we can see again how the game grew and progressed.


Would it be possible if we got some statistics on how many people have bought Stonehearth on steam and such, and maybe if possible how many hours total have been spent total playing stonehearth.


As a very old fan (from three days after the kick starter closed unfortunately), I have to say this came as a shock and led to more than a bit of disappointment. What saddens me in particular is the lack of other planes, however I understand that they would have been difficult to implement.
What I would like to suggest is potentially either a radiant/ex-radiant or leading modder supported list of mods, similar to the community update or the amazing JFDLC for civ 5. I personally think that this t\is he best way of keeping the game alive in perpetuity after it has been, if not abandoned then, hastily finished. I understand the enormous amount of work this would require, but I would love for this game to thrive long into the future.

However, I would also like to thank Team Radiant, in particular @sdee, for being so transparent with and so supporting of the community, you guys have been an inspiration for how to manage a community. My tuesdays will be just that bit more empty.