Stonehearth Community Soundtrack Planning Thread

For the record, we had to call in the big guns the last time we added new extensions…

Paging @system, @system

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@tyrcian The enthusiasm around the music and sound for Stonehearth through our community couldn’t make me happier :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear you have your priorities in check, school > SMOM. I’m a big fan of the work you have already submitted, and am eager to hear more.

@Smokestacks We unfortunately won’t be able to add support for .xml here on the discourse. Maybe you can find a way to host your music on soundcloud or youtube easily enough?


Okay dokey! Well in that case I’ll upload it to my Youtube channel and link it here some point real soon :slight_smile:


well, that does provide for a bit more “permanence” and exposure… win, win! :smile:

im really looking forward to hearing your work too… and im also hoping @Doug’s arrival will bring about the return of our other musical prodigies… :musical_note:

So good to hear that Doug. You may or may not have an idea of how much just one or a small number (in this case) of people supporting a craft like music encourages you to do more. I’ll be in touch :smile:


Hmmm…Well, I haven’t posted to the forums before, but music is one of my passions, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the rest of the music that has been made. I’ll see about putting something together myself.

Edit: Should we post links/videos for songs in this thread, or should we make a thread for our songs (the way some of the above have) and link that thread here?

Edit 2: Well, Decided to just make a new thread for it, since I would like feedback on it and didn’t want to clutter this thread up. Link: Lomico’s Music (And eventually Other Things)

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@Lomico Thanks so much for submitting these two tracks. You have a real talent.

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@SteveAdamo Thanks so much for the link and for still having an interest in my work, Steve :slight_smile:

@Sarhifigus Have I been summoned?? Or do I have to wait until my name is said three times…?

What’s up, Stonehearth Community? :slight_smile:

@Doug Wow, sounds really exciting! I hope I make the list and if you are interested in any of my work, give me a chance to polish it up. It has been ages since I made it and I rushed through some of it at the time :slight_smile:

@voxel_pirate Haha thanks for the shout out as always, man :slight_smile:

Both! You must be Summoned 3 times - Raj, you are needed, Raj you are needed, Raj you are needed!

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does the summoning become more permanent if your name is said multiple times? @Raj @Raj @Raj @Raj:smile:

@Raj I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m a big fan of your work. Your current work submitted is outstanding, and any composer(s) that we choose to move forward with will have time to polish existing work, as well as be expected to create new tracks based off our creative direction.

@Doug Thanks for the compliment! And I’m thrilled about the time for additional polish as well as getting to work directly with the crew if we get picked to make new stuff. I know mine definitely need quite a bit of work before I myself would be happy with them, and I’ll probably put out some refined versions in the coming weeks (also working on one last new track).

and I’m going to have to echo everyone else with praise and admiration for your work @Raj. Listening to your stuff is a big part of why I was inspired to make a go of it myself for this.

@Doug Hello! I am a Composer and I wanted to see if I could help out with the soundtrack! My only problem is that I use a notation software called finale® and it isn’t really good for using the actual audio. I was wondering if someone could tell me of a good (not extremely expensive (for instance, 8dio®’s full package costs around $1999)) synthesizer program that is more music-oriented then sound-mixing-oriented.

To show you, today I just made this simple melody on the piano that I put into my notation program.

Also I have the sheet music:

Thank you for your advice and time! (And for Stonehearth, I am so excited!)

welcome aboard @Vaughan! :smile:

i took the liberty of tweaking your post, to directly embed the content… seems a bit b0rked at the moment however… :confused:

as for the sample, is that your own (actual) piano work? either way, i really enjoyed it… would love to hear more! :+1:

@SteveAdamo I didn’t think you’d respond so quickly! Yes it is mine, I wrote it at my piano about two hours ago after looking at some screen shots of the towns. I can have you a full piece by tomorrow if you’d like. (And a full orchestral score with more time.) But like I said earlier, the piano sounds okay in finale® but a full orchestra sounds… not very realistic…

For example. (Something I started yesterday for fun.)

Sheet music.

But I have wanted to get a synthesizing program for a while now, I just don’t really know how they work or which one to buy. (I am more of a musician rather then a sound designer! :))

Edit: Would you like me to post the songs I write on here?

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The best advice I could ever give to someone would be not to worry about the sound and worry about the notes. Doing so will seriously improve your composition skills later on and then you will have much more time for fine tuning your tracks. Which believe me, is strenuous work indeed.

In regards to sample packs, just get something like East West’s Goliath and move into more dedicated sample libraries when you feel that something is holding you back but I can also tell you this: It is almost never the samples holding your music back from sounding really good (or to a decent standard anyway) so try your best to leave that as your last bottom of the barrell excuse.


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I will have a new track at the week end. Would you like me to post it here as well as my thread?


it would probably be best to start your own thread, that way we can have discussions around your specific pieces… but yes, lets hear more! :smiley: