Stonehearth art :D

I’m not that good at drawing characters far away or scenery, but i did my best :smile:.


well done! great japanime/manga vibe here… :+1:


wow very good! i look forward to seeing more from you :smile:


It’s great! :smile:

Those darn rock goblins…


I was trying for a while to figure out quite what it was that didn’t quite work for me, and I think there’s a couple of things you might want to look at for future pics (I say all this as someone who draws much worse than you though :smiley: )…

  1. Focus: The way it seems to me, when I look at that picture, my focus is torn between the two objects in the foreground - the woman, and the tree. I think it would look better to have just one initial focus at least: draw our eyes straight to the woman say, then let us take in the other details.
  2. Action: Related to #1, but all the movement and such is happening in the background. To be sure, portraits and such are like this too, but I think it would look better if the woman was doing something more dynamic than just standing.

There’s a couple of nitpicky things (eg arms are behind legs with what looks like the palms towards the camera, but shield is facing camera too - consider how it would be held) as well, but meh, they’re nitpicks for a reason :wink: .

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Thx everyone for the positive feedback :slight_smile: and ty Teleros for pointing out those mistakes. I always welcome some friendly critiquing since it helps me get better at drawing :smiley:


thats the key, ignore the mean comments but listen to the people who just want to help you :blush:

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