Stone hearth closes after a couple minutes after opening

When I open Stone Hearth it opens to the normal main screen but after a few minutes the music stops then it closes. The time vary’s and i cant seem to find a correlation between what I’m doing and it shutting down. I have all my graphics drivers up to date and I am running windows 10. I have a Nvidia graphics card. I have disabled my AVG for Stonehearth as well so it is not that.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. All I do is open the game and it closes on me.

Expected Results:
I expect the game to not close randomly lol
Actual Results:
it closes suddenly, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing it will just randomly close.
I have tried uninstalling it and running it without ACE as well.

Version Number and Mods in use:
I have no mods in use except ACE
System Information:
Windows 10 64bit
Please help I love playing this game but this bug makes it unplayable.
Thanks so much!

Can you attach stonehearth.log?

Would you like all of it or only a portion?

And thank you for responding

Attaching the whole file is easiest.

stonehearth.log (33.7 KB)

I believe this is it

Have you used the goblins mod in the recent pasr

I don’t think have but I might have installed it then uninstalled it.

is there a way to see if I have?