Game Keeps Closing


Ok so I am currently playing the latest release (Alpha 6) and I have a nice little village going and all of a sudden I start getting swarmed by goblins! I think so far about 20 goblins (rough estimate) and then the next thing I know I am looking at my desktop… I had just recently saved (luckily) and so I start up the game again, 10 seconds later and again, shuts off. I have tried it about four more times and the same thing happens. I don’t know if it has something to do with the goblins but it seemed very odd for so many to just stream into my village…

Game randomly exiting

How many days has your village existed? It might be that the goblins were spawning, but having trouble finding their way to your village.

Also, do you have a stonehearth.log handy from your last game? We might see the error at the end of it.

Finally, you can upload the save to the forum, and we’ll take a look if we can.


@sdee It was end of day nine beginning of ten.

Where do I find the stonehearth.log?


hi there @BchBum16 … if you’re running the Steam client, you can locate the stonehearth.log file here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth


lol Thanks @SteveAdamo! stonehearth.log (88.0 KB)
I hope this works…