Still be able to buy beta after beta release?

Am I still able to buy a Beta Access after the Beta-Release in december? Or is that just a Pre-Order thing?

I would assume so, but there is no official word on that as far as I know. Perhaps @Geoffers747 or @SteveAdamo can clear things up?

thats an interesting question… if i had to guess, the pre-order system will remain in place up until release, meaning you would still be able to purchase beta access once the beta is released, up through Sep 2014…

edit: oh, and welcome aboard! :smile:


Oh okay, so no stress then?
I can buy the beta whenever I want to until the release, when the Beta is released of course.

And thanks. :slight_smile:

more than likely, yes… but you have a good 6 months to save up for the beta… personally, i’d snatch one up sooner, rather than later…

no real reason for saying that, i just like to try and interject that phrase at least once a day… :smile:

Hopefully I don’t forget about the beta when it’s released in December, lol! x’D

But thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Is there a specific date or is it just sometime in December?

@Cyrya No specific date. Still some time to go till end of the year.

No specific date yet, just 'December;.

Edit: @voxel_pirate it appears we posted that at the exact same time. I’m starting to think you and I have some sort of connection.

yes… and according to @Tom, they anticipate working right up to the beta release…

they do intend to provide another build to their youtube contacts, shortly before the beta drops (1-2 weeks), so that will give you a bit of an advanced notice… :smile:

looks menacingly at @voxel_pirate… :angry:


Hello ! I have a similar question !

I bought Stone Hearth without being registered to kickstarter…will I still get what I paid for? e.g Beta access and such?

welcome aboard @Mike! :smile:

absolutely… assuming you made your $30 purchase here, you are all set for the beta in Dec… :+1:

I didn’t buy it from there I bought it from here…

please tell me I haven’t wasted $30 :frowning:

absolutely not! :smile:

you pledged for the beta backer tier, and will get two clients… 1 beta client (Dec 2013), that will turn into a full release in Sep 2014, and 1 additional full client, also available in 2014 (that you can gift to a friend, etc.)…

did you receive any sort of confirmation email from Kickstarter once the campaign concluded?

I only got a paypal confirmation…I stupidly registered for a kickstarter account only after I bought Stonehearth…I’ve been trying to find an answer to my question ever since :frowning:

then you are golden… keep that transaction ID/confirmation email, and you should be all set…

fear not! :smile:


Oh thank god!

you’ve put my mind at ease ! :smiley:

Thanks for the help @SteveAdamo :smile:

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