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Hey as the beta will come out, will we be able to buy the beta? Or will we have to wait until september 2014 to be able to buy it?

You can pre-order either full release or beta+full from the site, presumably they’re going to allow beta purchases after december as well.

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Omg!! Awesome!! :grin: I will probably get it in christmas then :3

hey there @ownerpure5… im afraid i didnt quite understand the question…

are you asking if you can still purchase beta access? if so, then absolutely yes! :smile:

head over to the [store][1], and click the “Stonehearth + Preview Release” option for $30… you will have access to the preview client, scheduled for Dec 2013…

if you mean can you still enter the beta AFTER December… well, im not entirely sure to be honest, but it certainly seems reasonable to allow preview release access at any point prior to the public release in September 2014…

edit: well then, that was simple… :smile:
[1]: Store – Stonehearth

So i wont be able to get the game for christmas and i’ll have to wait until september 2014? D:

yes, you can get the preview release (beta) in Dec of this year… the full release isnt slated until Sep 2014…

does that help clarify?

Yes it help’d, thanks