Is it possible to add a beta key to my pre-purchase?


Is it possible to add a beta key or whatever to my purchase for $15 after I’ve already pre-purchased it?

Upgrade purchase?

im afraid at this point, the only option you have is to pre-order here… there is no option to “supplement” an existing order, so this would be a separate purchase for a new account (with beta access)…


Send me an email at and we can help you upgrade from there.

@steveadamo spread the word.


Need help with my pledge

that’s excellent! will make lots of folks quite happy, im sure…

the spreading has commenced:smile:



Correction needed. Mistakes were made (by me). If you want to upgrade, I can only help out with Kickstarter backers and PayPal payments made during the Kickstarter campaign. @mohallo made a pre-order with the current page here:

These are all managed by Humble Bundle. Sorry for the confusion.



apologies on my exuberance… :wink:

thanks for posting the correction on KS… i’ve made a corresponding post on reddit…


Sorry, so does this mean I can not add a beta access to my account?


it seems this would have to be worked out with Humble Bundle, as they manage those transactions…

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