Steam versus humble bundle

Hi. I first bought Stonehearth via Steam, but it is way too laggy for me. Then, I heard somewhere that the direct download version is much better, regarding lag, and I have found out that that is indeed the case. But I noticed that this version is 10, instead of 10.5, which is what I saw at Steam. Is this normal? Also, the steam version had 4 building templates, while this one has none. Again, is this how it is supposed to be? I searched around a bit but didn’t find the answer…

Anyway, I love this game, it is one of the best I have ever seen and played, I love it! :smile:

Typically only stable versions are uploaded to Humble Bundle. So most of the times the version will be a bit older and not include one or the other feature yet (e.g. building templates). However, the version on Humble Bundle will be also more stable (less lags, etc.).


There is no universally better version. Steam has the latest version (if you opt-in the beta program). It is a test version but might also run better if they happen to include some improvements to the engine.
Just trying them out both and see which runs better is the best option.

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Turning off the steam ui can help relieve some of the lag you get. I’ve played both versipns and when the steam ui is off, there’s only a slight difference in performance. The only thing you will definitely run into when playing on the steam version is any new bugs.

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hey there @Arvedui78, welcome to the discourse :smile:

you should have those templates, try uninstalling stonehearth, and then re-installing the game from humble bundle. the first time i installed it i didnt get the templates either.

Yeah, happened to me as well, not sure why it does that.

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