Steam Latest Updated to release-535

Alpha 15 is almost ready! Here is one last feature for you all to test on the Steam Unstable branch before we call this release baked:

Introducing the Trader’s Stall!

Got a few too many things in your inventory? Have a high level carpenter craft a trader’s stall! Place the stall in the world and interact with it to call a trader to your town. When the trader arrives, click on them, or on the stall, to open a shop window. Profit! Though the trader will leave after a little while (places to go, people to see) you will be able to call a new trader after some time has passed in the game.

This build also fixes a few save/load bugs.

Many thanks to Linda for the trader, and Yang for continued Save/Load compatibility (with Alpha 14!!!).


finally… a way to unload all this extra loot. TY!!!

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That’s awesome thank you!


For Translators:


  •      },
       "call_trader": {
          "display_name": "Call Merchant",
          "description": "Call a trader to this stall",
          "disabled_description": "A trader has already visited this stall recently. Try again later."
       "show_shop": {
          "display_name": "Show Shop",
          "description": "Buy and sell goods" -> added
  •   },
    "shops": {
       "basic_resource_shop": {
          "name": "Basic Resource Shop",
          "title": "Basic Resource Shop"
       } -> added
  •      },
       "blue_market_stall": {
          "blue_market_stall_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Blue Market Stall",
             "description": "Merchants can set up shop here"
          "trader": {
             "description": "A traveling merchant" -> changed + added
  •            "perk_000_name": "10,000 Hours",
             "perk_000_description": "The carpenter's mastery of his trade allows him access to recipes that expand your town's opportunities." -> changed
  •         },
          "blue_market_stall_recipe": {
             "description": "Merchants can visit this stall to buy and sell goods",
             "recipe_name": "Blue Market Stall",
             "flavor": "But who are these people? And where are they coming from?" -> added
  • },
    “base_human_npc”: {
    “display_name”: “[str(self.unit_info.custom_name)]”,
    “description”: “A guest of your town” -> added

This makes me happier than that one time at Mc Donalds where I received an extra hamburger for free!


That’s nice, but I’m still hoping for a dedicated trader profession I can tell to sell X, buy Y and see him on his way, possibly getting some bargains.

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I’ll add a bit of feedback and suggestions here about the Market Stall:

  1. Crafting the stall shouldn’t require log pile and should cost normal wood log just like everything else the Carpenter crafts for the sake of consistency. It’s an unnecessary extra step that honestly makes no logical sense.
  2. The Potter should be able to craft a clay version of the Market Stall to make things fair for Rayya’s Children.
  3. A cooldown timer on the Call Merchant button would be nice.
  4. The merchant should not disappear while we are still interacting with them.
  5. Perhaps they could sell a couple more things other than the wood and stone.
  6. This might not be widely liked, but traders should carry a limited amount of gold so one can’t just simply empty the full warehouse of a massive city to the first guy/girl who happens to travel by.

I think I agree with you on all points. Perhaps for #6, if you do manage to exhaust a particular trader’s supply of gold, that would be a sign to the game that maybe your settlement needs more merchants stopping by more often. Realistically, word would start to get around if there was a new settlement producing tons and tons of goods for sale.


For 4 and 5 i think this will happens later xD its there First try on merchants they came along and dont appear instantly xD I think its great to see that TR try to realise the community wishes while they still Bugfixing xD and like Seen they also work an my favorites the archers xD


I have to say that I agree with all of your points, though I am guessing they are already working on a couple of them. Good points for sure though.