Steam Latest Branch Updated to Release-523

We’re making a hotfix to the Alpha 14 release to address a couple of nagging bugs.
This release will move to the stable branch tomorrow if there are no additional issues.
##Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crashes related to trying to find a location outside of town.
  • Fix for crafter queue disappearing
  • Limit crafting queue to 25 orders max

I’m confused, are they going to fix a bug that limited us to 25 queue orders, or they are adding a 25 queue limit?


I am pretty sure they are adding a limit to the crafting queue as giant queue have caused issues. @yshan might be able to confirm.

For Translators:

  •         "craft_queue_full": "Orders Full!", -> added

That means the limit was added, not fixed. Makes sense, although I never went above 20 items.


Okay, a bit of explanation.
A few crafting queues got into a bad state where they went invisible. I fixed that part.
However, while they were invisible, people’s orders still went though, causing some save files to have about 270 orders in the queue. This made the UI incredibly slow and it would have taken forever to delete all of those orders to get everything back into a good state.
I figured it would be easiest to put a limit on the number of items that can be in the queue as part of the fix. This will fix up the large queues on load and also prevent overflowing the queue due to some UI error in the future.



Nah, no problem.
The carpenter has how many items? I think we can order him to maintain one of each item and yet not reach the limit :stuck_out_tongue:

Excluding the workbench and toolbench, I count 40…

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Wow :sweat_smile:

I guess I didn’t use him much then… I always just keep one of each crate, 1 chair and table, 1 bed, 1 window, 1 door and 1 light source. Everything else is on demand.

I can up the limit to 50 if it becomes a problem. It’s so hard to even see 50 orders in the UI that we might consider a different queue interface if it comes to that.


I can’t say for everyone, but I don’t see a problem in 25. It’s 25 for each crafter right? 25 for carpenter, 25 for blacksmith, etc… Or is it 25 accounting all crafters?


So is that for each of the workbench ques or total of all workbenches? I am a bit confused on that part.

Meaning a max 25 per workbench type, or
Only 25 items in que period?

25 per crafting job type. So 25 for cooking, 25 for blacksmithing, 25 for carpenting, 25 for masoning etc etc


oh ok… Thank you. :slight_smile:

Like always thank you for this great works !

And yes 25 jobs queues for each job is correct :wink:

In which will be plenty for the way I play at least… I hardly get near 20 for each type… so it is a good number. :slight_smile:

so… why not to do different ?
my idee is : carft only needed… so all stuff is available.
the crafter craft only when the item is on demand after i placed the item in the world…

with this… the queue order is limited and here you can limite the queue to 20 or much less…

I dont like the idee of limite the queue… You added a micro transaction to the game…

i need to order at last one of each item the crafter can make… so 20 is to @@@@@@…

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