How to bypass the limit of Max item crafted?

i want to remove the limite of 20 craft max / workshop.

in this update : limite 25 but now 20
(Steam Latest Branch Updated to Release-523)

the limit can be remove by modify directly the smod ?

i have template with 5 item each, if a build 3 x the same the queue go up to 15…
can you modify the number of item directly if the item are already in queue ?
Now : 2 chair+2 windows + 1 door if i create a new building, i want to have
4 + 4 + 2 and not 2+2+1+2+2+1 --> with this, i cant add manualy a new job… the auto add queue bypass the limit so i cant add anymore.

I’m sure the limit can be modified via edits to the stonehearth.smod - but I’m not sure what file holds the limits. Also, unless a mod was to be made the change would be overwritten with each update. Perhaps @Relyss knows where the limit is…

i found this function in

maxActiveOrders: 30,‘radiant:get_config’, ‘mods.stonehearth.max_crafter_orders’)
.done(function(response) {
var maxCrafterOrders = response[‘mods.stonehearth.max_crafter_orders’];
if (maxCrafterOrders) {
self.set(‘maxActiveOrders’, maxCrafterOrders);

so… i test if i set to 50…


Um… how do you open the smod files, I can see what’s inside thanks to winrar, but I can’t open any files inside, so I want to find another method

open with any text editor, you need to associate the file extension with your text editor. after this you can edit directly inside winrar just modify and save the file, winrar say if you want to repack the file, say yes and is finished.

smod “files” aren’t files - they’re folders. The reason you can see inside with winrar is that smod is just a renamed zip folder. To open, simply rename the folder ( and extract the zip with whichever program you’d like.