Extend the maximum size for crafting orders queue

Hi there,

I am using the CAFE mod, which adds a ton of new cooking recipes.
When I add all the available recipes plus three extra orders the max orders queue length is reached.
Would it be possible to extend the maximum size for crafting orders queue?

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I second this. This is an issue even when you do not have mods with additional recipes. I like to have my crafter make one of everything so that when I build custom buildings I have the option to add furniture and other details. However, if you build more then 1-2 buildings it can mess up the queue and the items are not re-added when there is room. All the items that your crafters can build need to be available during custom construction without requiring one in stock. The queue continues to be a problem as you progress further in the game, so either way, I think it needs to be increased as well.

All items that your crafters can build (with the exception of fences) are already available without having any in stock (again, with the exception of fences). They are hidden under the furniture (chair) button and the decorations (flag) button. One thing I noted, however, is that sometimes they don’t show up if you have not placed the required workbench. (And they don’t show up if your crafter can’t make them yet).

The fine items from the carpenter and the potter do not show on the building menu.