[Steam Early Access] LEGO Worlds

this … I … words escape … feints

Steam early access :arrow_right: $15

Welcome to LEGO® Worlds!


In a galaxy of procedural worlds made entirely from LEGO bricks, will you… EXPLORE environments filled with adventure, then alter them? DISCOVER secrets and treasures, then play with them?


It looks good and quite fun. I do think the terrain looks a bit too messy when compared to Minecraft though. That game has a very nice simplicity to it in the art department IMHO.

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Does anyone else think this, or does this game feel more like Cube World? :neutral_face:

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from the footage I’ve seen so far, which admittedly consists primarily of NerdCubed’s intro video, I didn’t get that vibe at all…

whereas Cube World focused on combat/gear (to me, at least), Lego World is all about exploration (to uncover new items you can add to your own builds) and of course, building! :+1:

I can’t wait to fire this up later tonight … :smile:


This looks like it will be awesome!

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I’m confused… I keep throwing money at my screen, but I don’t have the game.


Common problem, @SteveAdamo is taking the money you throw at the screen and putting it in kickstarter projects.


precisely… im spearheading a Kickstarter campaign that will actually allow you throw money through your screen, in an effort to combat this common epidemic:

stay tuned for more details…


I’m tremendously puzzled.

It’s seemed for years that Lego has deliberately AVOIDED this approach because they don’t want to compete with themselves; physical sales have never been in danger, but would be if a game supplanted them. After what happened with LEGO Universe, I got the impression that they were actively sabotaging the hope for a “true” Lego videogame to tamp down the demand for a while.

Maybe they feel that Minecraft and its ilk are threatening sales, particularly because savvy parents might do the math on how much Minecraft costs (~20 bucks) versus a flow of Lego sets.


I see it less as a threat than a smart business strategy. It’s clear that the newer generations are slowly but surely moving away from our physical world to a digital one (example: parents giving their one year old an iPad as babysitter). So selling Lego isn’t going to work as well anymore. But digital games and goods?

As a neat bonus, it acts as some sort of publicity stunt, the same way the Lego Movie did. It’s promoting your products (and brand). The costs to design a digital lego set are much, much lower than a physical one (you don’t have any manifacturing or logistics expenses or limitations, for example). So if they can sell a virtual Lego set, which I think Lego Worlds will do at some point, they kinda got themselves a money printing machine…

That being said, the game is awesome. Sadly, it crashes every few minutes for me… But when it works, it’s really nice. I’m excited to see what’s going to be in there.


I got this as soon as it came out its a fun game.

I just browsed the reviews on steam out of curiosity AND THERE ARE NO BAD REVIEWS!!!


The only negative I’ve seen mentioned is that it seems built mainly for controller access. This is a bad idea when a PC has a much better keyboard/mouse setup for building. We’ll see how it pans out. Getting it tonight either way… :stuck_out_tongue:


why steve, why!!! you demon!!!

i fell like this was targeted directly at me and my wallet, considering i am a massive lego addict fan

thinking about that, why isnt there a lego emoji?!?!?!

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by the way @SteveAdamo, are you planning on doing a LP on your channel?

oh, absolutely! with any luck, kicking that off later today… :smile:

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It looks pretty awesome! I remember so enjoying playing Lego Creator: Knights Kingdom.

Sadly I still haven’t been able to play my other Minecraft-Esque game Planets3 because my computer is too lousy to play it, I assume that it would be no different with Lego Worlds.

But once I get that new computer I’ve been talking to myself about getting… It shall be mine!

But seriously, I need a new computer SO bad. It more and more frequently runs out of memory and now the battery is so toast it has a battery life of perhaps five minutes. Its basically a Desktop without the benefits.


Welp, black screen for me… :sob: