Craft the World

so, generic question here… is anyone familiar with this title? i just (accidentally) stumbled across it this evening, and at first blush, it looks … quite fun… :smile:

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Never saw this before… but it looks AMAZING! :smiley:

This game looks amazing ! i really like the concept and especially the visual style, i dont really care for terraria sorry, but i like this one

This is definitely one worth purchasing… It looks really fun and entertaining!

Craft the World is an great sandboxy game even in this state of development. :smiley:
Love to dig deeper and deeper and get stronger and better equipment. Like a 2D version of Gnomoria with less micromanagement … (and a nicer look :wink: but I lovemy gnomes too :-P)

With the last update they introduced a cold and frozen world, so there are two biomes to explore now and many many recipies to find for crafting :wink:

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Looks great. Love the strategy game it has.

that seems like a very applicable description…

and with that last LP i watched, it would seem i have little willpower left… :smile:

Stevey must be getting paid to advertise these games. He must be getting quite the nice pay to “find” these games :wink:


you know, you’d think i would remember to add that “?ref=SteveAdamo” (or whatever the tag is) to all the URLs i drop… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, just, wow.

Now I just need to find out how to get enough money to buy that game.

Probably if you find @SteveAdamo 's employers, but that would be like hunting down James Bond…

indeed… im like an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle… and drizzled with aqua velva…

oh, and after watching yet another LP on this game, i am now officially sold… now, to see if i can just mentally justify yet another purchase on a machine that can barely run minecraft any longer…

would totally recommend it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Oh… so it’s that bad. Maybe invest in a new machine, @SteveAdamo?

I ll remommend Craft the World too …

And they fixed a lot of bugs today with their christmas special update (including christmas presents :wink: )

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thanks for the heads up @Thomas… i broke down and purchased it last night…

totally worth the investment… :smile:

i only spent about 15 minutes, but its clear that there is a massive amount of potential in there… :+1:

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The game mechanics are interesting, but it’s kind of like Terraria with a Town building. The art style is okay, but too cartoony and childlike for my taste.

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Got this game almost as soon as I laid eyes on it and I’m loving it – thanks OP! However, I’m having a really hard time managing the trees in my environment, and I’m always short on wood. Is anybody else having the same problem? Does anyone know a solution?

use portals to travel quickly to far away trees, harvest wisely because trees do respawn but take time to grow to full height.

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