Steam Early Acces

When will i be able to buy the game on steam?
Because i don’t have PayPal sadly.

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From what I remember, Stonehearth should eventually be available to buy on steam, no idea when though.

Well, you should be able to link it to your Steam account if you buy it from the main website, at You should get a Humble Bundle key with a Steam key on that page, and from there you can link it to your account. As of now, though, there is no way to buy it directly from Steam, as far as I know.

Sadly i can’t buy it from the Humble Bundle cause i dont have PayPal

what about paying via Amazon… is that an option for you?

Wait, wait, wait… what? I buy from Humble all the time, and I don’t need a PayPal.

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You don’t have to have a PayPal account, the transaction is just done through PayPal. You should be able to purchase just with your info, and your Credit / Debit / EBT / Gift Card.

Paypal is just an intermediate. You can make a free account there and put money on it in many different ways, depending on the country you are in.
And then you pay humble bundle with the money you have in your paypal account.

I dont have PayPal and i also dont have a credit card

I dont have PayPal and i also dont have a credit card cause i use something different in my country

Nope, in my country (The Netherlands) we have something called iDeal with that i can pay things on the internet directly from my bank account but not everything has this option but steam does that’s why i’m asking when it will come on steam

you can put money on Paypal with ideal. And pay humble bundle with the money from paypal.


excellent, thanks for the followup… should prove useful to others who are having issues with PayPal… :+1:

the normal way is to open an account over Veilig online betalen of betaald worden - PayPal Nederland then you should be able to use a meft to fill you account over your bankaccount - after the normal timeframe for mefts you can buy it ^^

perhaps you can fill your account via ieft but i don´t know what sources pp-nl supports - i can´t read netherlandish ^^

hahaha netherlandish xD

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the dictionary says thats the correct word - Netherlandish or Dutch xD

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Yes i know but ive actually never seen anyone say that before so i thought it was funny almost nobody says that anymore :smiley:

ok problem solved! good work team!

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@ThiqzMod … were you able to follow @Wiese2007’s suggestion? any luck? :smiley:

its because im from germany :wink: and niederländisch and netherlandish have the same sound xD