Start equipment set suggestions: chef's set, lumberjacks set

Chef’s set
info: nothing is better then having a hot meal, start your hearthlings off on the right foot with cooked food.
set contains jerky x10, cooks spoon, trappers knife, and berry bush x6 (item).

based around food, this set is useful for starting your hearthlings off a bit happier but does give some set backs in the supply lanes.

lumberjacks set
info: there may be trees for miles but why not start with a good set of lumber to help build up your village faster. start your hearthlings off with experienced woods men who know the forests.

set contains: 50 wood, carpenters saw, and trappers knife.

lumberjacks set is a good way to get a carpenter as the desert race but at the cost of starting food. making it so you have to find bushes or other food plants fast.

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