More Loadouts/Starting Kits

Why not have more sets for our styles of gameplay? I’m sure more people would want some others than the initial three.

Military Defense; 10 Jerky, 2 Wooden Swords, 2 Shields and 10 Gold. Basically to set people up with a good defense and don’t have to wait for the Carpenter to rank up. Good to have two soldiers early on so they can get that early EXP.

Iron Chef; 2 Farmer’s Hoes, 1 Cook’s Spoon, 1 Trapper’s Knife, 10 Gold. No food, but you can quickly get it and also fix the hearthlings up with cooked food early on.

Crafter’s Paradise; Mason’s Hammer, Herbalist Staff, Weaver’s Spindle, 5 Corn, 5 Hunks o’ Stone, 5 Silkweed Bundles, 5 Flowers. This way they can work for a short amount of time and still have some food to eat too.

Medical Breakthrough; Herbalist’s Staff, 2 Bolts of Leather (for the book), 15 Flowers, 20 Berries. Good for those who want to heal early on and get a fast Cleric.

Randomized; Gives a random loadout for you. For challenge/wanting to not pick since they all appeal to you.


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