Spot Reserved! -game play question-

So I have noticed that anytime I get a large lightspot, the goblins etc seem to come and wreck future plans for planting houses etc with their spawn point markers on the ground.

So now I am reserving sections by using the blue stock piles in sections.

do you do anything to reserve spots?

Hm…I actually didnt think about this but If I recall they will still invade even if there is a stockpile(from my experience) let me know how your game goes and I’ll try it out next time.

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yah this is the first time doing it, and it hte past with small goblin spawn points. they leave a mark on the ground that they keep respawning to and I cant get rid of it. cant dig it out or remove it at all. at least in my experiences. so I am hoping if i have a large chunk of stock piles that they wont spawn in them.

I will tell you how it goes lol


Ok, so zombies will still spawn on the reserved spots. however, they dont leave spawn marks on the ground.


yah derpy you were right, they still do spawn on your stock piles. imo that shouldnt happen, >.<

I thought killing all the goblins and their firepit destroyed their stockpile? If not, that’s totally a bug.

You are talking about the raider groups and not the camps, right?

yah. the small ones. not the big ones. I have had it where their spawn red point was left on the ground making it impossible to build anything there. thus they will always respawn at that particular spot over and over again ever other night essentially.

but then I have had other ones that the spawn mark would go away after killing everything