[Dup] Take away the Goblins Stockpile!

Hey Guys!

For those of you who have problems with the goblins stealing your stuff, i may have, unintentionally, found a way to stop them from spawning… :smiley:

When the first little critter runs from your town with that last basket of berries, just follow him. The moment he is at his destination and lays down his thievery, go into stockpile mode and take a look on the ground where he is standing.

There should be an itty bitty stockpile that you can actually manipulate.

Now, when you disable all items in it, he just stands there with his next price and will not be able to lay it down.
Other Goblins will still spawn tho.

If you delete the Stockpile, the little goblin will walk around doing nothing, and: NO other goblins spawn at that location!

Cant give you screenshots at the moment but it is very easy to reproduce :smile:


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