Goblin Camps Bug

I notice today, When you reload a game with Goblin camp Close to yours. It will turn into a stockpile. The bigger problem to this is sometime the game will spawn lots of goblins on reload if you have closed off your camp.

Steps to reproduce:

Save game with Goblin camp close and in sight

Expect Result:

Load game and Goblin Camp still there

Actual Result:

Load game and Goblin Camp is now stockpile. workers and footman with go to it and use or patrol it

Alpha 7 r 188

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im not quite certain what you mean by “Goblin Camp”

Could you show before/after screenshots?

where they burn ur items what i call a goblin camp for now

ther reloaded the save with them before and after

when goblins spawn they create a stockpile (1 stockpile for every 4 goblins) to get rid of them simply select them and click remove (in the edit stockpile screen)

edit i realize i was actually incorrect in saying that, i simply assumed it was 4 to 1, as goblins tend to come in groups of 4. sorry for the confusion.

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there were four goblins and 5 stockpiles… @8BitCrab

Then they were very greedy goblins.

(Punish them accordingly.)


This. Goblin camps are stockpiles, which is why the footman patrols them etc.


there is actually more goblins then that, in visable range is the 4 in the fog there are more. main reason i know this is cuase i had a footman try and go patrol those before i knew they was stockpiles. and at least 12 showed up to kill him and others was standing around, if i let the game run. even one goblin glitches to the top of a tree lol. and last i counted when they all showed up it was about 18 goblins in total

i can confirm (by looking at an old save) that it is possible to have 18 goblins and 4 stockpiles.