Special_food mod!

In advance: English is not my mother tongue, so I can’t guarantee that the next words can express my meaning 100%. If I accidentally offended you, I apologize in advance.

This is a very “chaotic” small mod. At first, it was just a product I used to practice the process of making mod. However, with the accumulation, it gradually became a smaller mod. Recently, I encountered some “creative loopholes” and needed the advice of other players to help me supplement, so I posted the information of this module on the forum.

Two new jobs——

Bounty hunters and Book holders
Bounty hunters have the ability to use small guns, which is a devastating blow to the enemy,
You can make a wanted notice, and special enemies will be generated according to the wanted notice at a fixed time
However, due to the immature mod, I haven’t improved the equipment of this profession so far
Book holder
Having the ability to study books can add some fun to the boring life in the town
And they have strong learning ability. After reaching the highest level, they can get buffs that will not disappear even if they change jobs.
And some worktables to accelerate synthesis: sawing table, magic pot and power textile machine, etc. (in the future, I plan to make them into automatic machines, like minecraft’s mods.)
In addition, there is a lovely (maybe) guide in the module, Mr. Green Tea
If you have any other questions about this mod, please ask Mr. Green Tea (he will appear in the afternoon of the first day you build a town)

I think I need some suggestions for the two new career contents that are currently focused on updating, so I hope to find some suggestions in the forum to help me improve this mod

Hope you like this mod!


I’ll try it out whenever I can and will share my thoughts :merry: