Sound Glitch: Leveling up sound when not leveling up

I am having the level up sound play randomly throughout different actions. Most common is when I craft something and my villagers dont level up. I have a few saved game files all of the same world that do it. No error or engine error codes pop up when it does it. Wish I had video recording to post.

Are you sure you don’t confuse the level up sound with a good craft of any item ?

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I’ll have to look at my inventory and see how many “fine” items I have and let you know. I heard it pretty constantly.

I can confirm this is not the case. was playing earlier, and never got to the point of even being able to craft fine items, yet the sound was happening all the time. I don’t know if it happens during crafting or purely randomly, though, just that randomly it would make the sound.

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I have an update to this. With the save I had when this was going on it was the level up sound replaying. I have created two new worlds and when i craft fine items the sound isn’t the same.

I think I also heard something similar when my weaver was crafting things, and it confused me a lot. Or maybe it was the cook, I don’t remember well.
So it’s not the fine item sound?

perhaps it is the fine items sound, maybe the game is trying to create fine items for things that dont have a fine variant… did that make sense?

I do know for a fact that the spam sound I heard was in fact the level up music in the game I posted about. The fine item music plays just fine in all my games so far.

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If you still have the savefiles in which the bug reproduces, uploading them would be a good idea. If they’re too big you might have to use an external site (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

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