[Res] Carpenter Job Glitch

I encountered this bug when I began to queue things up for my carpenter to craft. After a short while I noticed he was not crafting any of the things id asked him to. I at first thought it might have something to do with the fact I had accidentally crafted two benches. I looked into his Job tree and demoted and the re promoted him, his Job description then showed up as some dev text where in which it should say “Carpenter”. Alas he then started to craft the items and after a short while his Job Desc reverted back to “Carpenter”. Just thought id mention this in case anyone else gets the same thing. This seemed to be a pretty particular case but if anyone else gets this please speak up ^^


Dev-2594 (x64) 16th Sept 2015

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Sounds like one of the problems that I had in this topic.


looks similar enough to me, sorry I didn’t notice this thread :disappointed:

Thank you for reporting this! It’s a broken translation string. I’ll work on fixing it.

P.S. Curiously, it only happens sometimes. I got it to happen when getting a high level carpenter, demote to worker, and then back to carpenter.


Ahah! That would probably explain why in my case my carpenter managed to make 3 chairs before failing. Doubtless she levelled up to level 1 and then bugged out.

@Tuhalu Did your carpenter bug out as in not able to craft anymore? Or is it just her description text that is unreadable?

Not able to craft anymore. I didn’t think to look and see if the description text was also broken at the time, so it could have been. I think @sdee is working on it from the broken crafting end, so maybe she knows if there is overlap by now?

Ah I see, in addition to the broken translation string, the crafter doesn’t craft either.
Ack. Maybe the broken string is an indicator of something more ominous

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If I remember rightly the string showed up after I re promoted my Carpenter if this helps any :confused: xD

Ah okay, so the string might not be an indication of crafter stuckness