[Res] Carpenter gets "worker" title



I have not played for a while, just started again with the new release, so I don’t know if this is a new bug. I did not find a similar topic, however.

After promoting my diligent sweetheart Daff Framer to be a carpenter, upon selecting him, he still is named as “Daff Framer” “worker” at the top left. He does perform his carpentry duties as expected, however.


good catch… should be easily reproducible/confirmed… :+1:


Yer it’s the same for me, the title changes correctly for the farmer and trapper however.

Nothing a quick fix can’t solve!


True, forgot to mention that, the other classes don’t have the same problem. Well, I didn’t get a trapper yet, but the farmer definitely didn’t.


thanks for the follow up… it’s those little details that always seem to make the difference… :smile:


You guys are nice :slight_smile:


well, @Geoffers747 is nice… me? I’m contractually obligated to throw in a :smile: every twenty-three words…


Well, there’s not a big difference online between being nice and seeming nice, I think. Not a practical one, anyway.


Now that I think about it, would this be because some crafters were going to lend a hand with non-crafters tasks, such carrying wood etc?


Not sure… could be. But they normally don’t do that, do they?

Anyway, I started the game again today and now also noticed that the personality sheet for my carpenter (in another game) is incomplete, not showing the personality for example. May be related. Additionally, clicking the “place workbench” button did nothing but open up an empty dialog window at the bottom of the screen that disallowed me to do anything else ingame. However, I was unable to reproduce these new findings in a later game to take screenshots (otherwise would have made a new topic about at least the second part).


Yes! I don’t know what I did but also ended with the game unable to play. This is getting worse… :sweat_smile:


Fixed the bug mentioned in the title on my computer. If you have a more specific repro on the second one, happy to hear it!


Awesome, I’ll mark this one as resolved, @Relyss and @Phagocytosis if you manage to reproduce the other bug you were talking about then open up a new thread for it :slight_smile:

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