[Bug] demoting/change job

i had 2 blacksmith and 2 blacksmith workbench i chose to demote one blacksmith after doing this i had one blacksmith workbench destroyed after this was done my other blacksmith was unable to use blacksmith table and i couldnot place another blacksmith table after this i thourght i would see if another citizen would be able to be my new blacksmith and place down its own blacksmith bench but when i opened my citizens window it was empty and shown that 0 citizens were in my town so i manually selected and promoted a citizen to blacksmith but was unable place a new blacksmith bench

sadly i did not save before any of this happened and autosave had saved after making the changes also so my town is broken

Well that’s sad but at least you know to save every so often now I had bugs ruin numerous runs and I just now started to get into the habit of saving every so often so you should start saving so you can prevent that from ruining any of your future runs

i did save… but was after demoting… hehe regret doing this now

i’ve noticed this bug as well, i think it’s specific to the blacksmith because demoting and promoting other crafters doesn’t make the bench unusable like it does with the blacksmith.

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oh really?? hmm interesting

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No i think i’ve seen it happen with a carpenter and blacksmith aswell but this time when i demoted it it stayed the same dropped a saw but kept a saw as well. It doesn’t do any carpentry work and rarely does worker jobs.

mine wasn’t an issue with the hearthling, it was just that the bench is broken for any hearthling of that profession.

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