Town music isn't there

I finally got my village upgraded to town, got all valor statue things. Music changed to town music.
After I quit and came back to the save, there weren’t music no more. Only sfx sounds play.
I’ve checked the settings and they’re maxed out.

I got the latest development build. A17, dev 3013.

Oh no … the city sounds should continue to play on load (at least in my tests). Can you please upload your save so I can take a look?

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Allrighty, here’s the save uploaded in dropbox. (56,3 MB)

The save there starts up a fight with ogres. Fight music should still play normally, but I haven’t heard town music anymore.

@Suomu, could you list the mods that you had installed? I guess they don’t affect sound, but that way we can load the save properly.

I’ve played your save and certainly there are some “Unexpected destruction of the sound buffer” errors on the resulting log =S

Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion)
Stonehearth Doorways
Settlement Decor Mod
Better Stockpiles

I think these are all I have now. I also notice furniture-expansion-plus.smod though I think I didn’t install it. Or I’ve just forgotten it there from earlier versions.

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hi, same thing here (no music), however I have some more issues:

  • turnip shooter won’t be placed ( I have it in inventory, and other traps are placed, but this one isnt -> keep being a “GHOST” and I cant move or cancel )

  • the blacksmith’s house still has wood around it so do some other structures

here is the saved game:

I do NOT use any mods!

Thanks in advance for your time :smile:

I have another example of this, with just debug tools running. Would it be valuable?