Sorry for making a fuss

I want to apologize for making drama in a post I made a few days ago over the Hearthlings now eating twice a day. I was alarmed that it would cause further issues with how they carry out tasks in a day but with the UI flickering issue fixed, I spent yesterday playing with the new moral system it’s pretty fantastic.

If I may, I would like to share my town that I created on Alpha 20. I used only the building templates provided by the game. I did build the walls and elevation of the ground of the town myself.
Here is the the overseer of the town. Sir gnome has seen many battles while guarding my walls. He decides who may enter and strikes fear into the enemies with a banner of his victories.

The Bunny shrine looks after those who enter the mines. Promising great treasure below!

The town has a crafting district

Farms with a pier in the works!

The wealthy district for those with a luxury life style.

Town overview

My Feedback:

Can we have building template designs for The Trapper, Sheppard, Carpenter and maybe just a general farm house + barracks? I really enjoyed unlocking building templates as I progressed in the game opening new job roles. I just wish those mentioned here had a template too so I could “complete” the town. Even though I can make my own, it was nice using what was provided by the game.

I really like the rescue mechanic, it’s nice that Hearthlings won’t now die and you have the chance to the recover them. Issue that has been pointed out before is that your cleric will try heal them over and over again and won’t heal, until someone comes and picks them up and takes them to a bed. It could be nice to have a global recovery button on the UI so you can click to globally recover people, or toggle it to auto recover those injured.

Hearthlings eating a bland meal when I have cooked food available seems to happen fairly often.

Edit: After 20-22 Hearthlings their performance drops pretty drastically, as the game tries to process all the tasks going on, it took building a structure almost 20+ minutes on x4 speed. When around 18 Hearthlings it takes about 3 minutes.

Feature requests:

Fishing + Fishing hut building template

Can the weaver make Armour specific for archers?

Archer target range and those dummy things so swordsmen can hit them!

A dye role/trader? Someone who could scout the land and have a % chance of unlocking a new color through grinding plants in a bowl. It would be cool to unlock a wider pallet range or maybe different color roof tops/wider range of decoration variants like a purple vase for example.

A undead race to build with - I love those crypts you get to fight, would love to have the building designs of the Crypts and fences! (I wouldn’t actually expect us to get a undead race to play, but it would be amazing fun to build a undead town)

If we do get a necromancer some stage, it could be cool if that role is unlocked through a deeper storyline through the undead crypts, maybe coming partially undead themselves to become a mage of sorts. Would love them holding a floating book with the pages flickering as they cast spells.

A enchanter role - someone who can buff your warriors in battle, or, someone who has a crafting table and can add enhancements to tools/weapons.

Archers who can be upgraded to a beastmaster role, which allows them a pet to fight with.

But that’s all, I apologize for pointing out a feature change without trying it first and felt bad for doing that.

PS: How many Garden Gnomes do you see?


am I the only one that thinks Garden Gnomes are creepy? :unamused:


Before or after seeing a particular gnome movie about garden gnomes…?

I use to be creeped out, but… Now it is wonderment as to why so many like them; then I saw that movie of gnomio and juliet. Still in wonderment, but thought the movie was interesting enough.

OP: Like what you did with the place, and nice to see another RC builder out there.
Enchanter sounds like something the cleric would do… After all cleric is for support.
Beastmaster I think might be something in mind to have. Will have to wait and see if something like that comes about. :slight_smile:

Your city gives me a few inspirations to do with my own town. :smiley:

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I find the RC group to be more enjoyable, really love their theme with the buildings. Though I think that might be partly because they have Job role specific buildings that can be unlocked but the originals don’t yet. Although you can build your own designs, I actually like to just use what the game offers me and then use custom designs for shaping the environment of the towns I make.

I agree with the enchanter/cleric clash, though I think as my other idea it would be cool if they could enchant weapons as a job role, adding maybe a fire or poison stat to swords that has a chance to proc would be amazing.


my favorite part is what you did with the water- adding pillars. I really like the town square with the steps as well. I think if I did this, would do less pillars tho, but it looks really good.

yeah performance on any speed after 20+ hearthlings isn’t that great

yeah I would think they would take the same code the use for soldier picking up the best weapon and use it for food for all hearthlings as well?

also, where did you get all the water on a desert map? :confounded:


I imagine it was built right by an oasis.

understandable… I like them due to the overall theme; culture, structure, and style of play that they offer. Buildings I tend to keep to the general look they have; from what the templates or well the default buildings look. I have a habit of though making my own designs with each game save I play as them. Really aught to make a set so I could use later, but I like building with the terrain.

Yeah weapon enchant type of thing would be mage job, although I think they might have idea to put something like that in game; the mage part that is. Unsure, but we will see maybe this year if they get around to that, if they still have in mind to make that class. I do know they have a few classes still in planning stages, as they have to have the mechanics behind them made first. For now though it is a decent balance with what they have, tuning aside. :slight_smile: