Some things i really hate/dont like atm+ Question

1: The workers etc just do nothing sometimes. Even with high enough Moral. They just stay and stay for hours. I wanted to build a house and it took me 5 hours.

2: i know its alpha but currently i only getting attacked by zombies,goblins sometimes and thats all. If i zoom and explore the world i cant find anything else. Like bosses or something. And the map is really small.

3: Can u only play till u reach 1k day? For me it would be to short if this is the case.

4: Will there be a option to force the workers etc to do something? Because sometimes it takes 30 mins till the carpenter starts to do something what i told him to do.

5: Is there a way to tell ur workers to go somewhere u want? If someone attack me for example. I already put them in groups but some of them still want to attack and die. and then i rage quit.

Thanks. Sry bad english.

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1: Bug, it has been reported and the team is working to get it fixed.
2: Yes, it’s Alpha, there’s not that much content in the game yet.
3: Thanks for the feedback
4: Bug, but they will implement something in the future to manage better the tasks that the workers do
5: I think you might have misused the parties. When you place people in groups, there are two buttons in the party editor. The red one is used to place a red banner. It will make your citizens to go inmediately to that banner to attack (if there’s something that you can attack there, if not, you can use it to make them go somewhere far away). The blue button it’s used to place a defense banner. Your citizens will go to that banner when you press the “R” key (it’s a toggle). Remember to remove the banners later or they will stay there forever and your hearthlings will do nothing.

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the forum :smile:


Thanks for the fast answer :smile:

5: Yes i know u can place banners and they will move to that direction but some of them still want to attack. For example Trapper, Blacksmith.

The town defense mode means that all your non-combat citizens will use their default tools to defend themselves, otherwise they would be running scared and being hit by monsters.

But you can place the defense banner in a place far away from the monsters, so they go and hide there when there’s danger. Or inside a house or something. And place the red banner in the direction the monsters are coming, so your combat classes go there and fight before the monsters get to the town.


@Relyss is right about every point. I just have two things to add:

  1. When you said “Can you only play until you reach day 1,000”, did you mean one thousand in-game days? If so, one of the things they are working on right now is fixing the game so that you can play for longer without crashes.
  2. Welcome to the forums, @Darkbleadx!
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ah ok thanks again.

Something i wanted also to write but i forgott it. If u place the banner to far away they will also do nothing. Yeah i know that u need ladders for mountains or if u go down. I placed them. Idk if this is a bug or if it has been posted already.

Thats all. Cya. :wink:

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U will get a Daily Update everyday. Day1/2/3 etc. Thats what i mean.

Then yes, Team Radiant is working on ways to make the game last longer. :slight_smile: Specifically, they are finding and fixing a lot of memory leaks that sometimes don’t show up for a long time.


On behalf of the 1k day thing. We hope that as soon as alpha is over we’ll be able to surpass this. (Maybe when the maps get larger)

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