Some imput wanted, lend me your thinking powers!

right, i have been doing some experimentation with water, seating, and “smoke”/water vapor.

because i have been brainstormin about making a hygene mod, and what would be nicer than to have hot springs for that?

i have noticed a few things:
when i place chairs on the location of water, the water in that “block” goes away
-would this still be the case if one would make a 10x10 pix (1 block)
wide model, but 1 pix high, and clip that in the block below it? (so technicly nothing would obstruct the water’s space visibly?

i noticed that the smoke coming off lorkis’ objects Steam Workshop :: Lorkis Objects also makes the water dissapear (that or part of the portruding model) but i did read someone else also had issues with more than one effect overlapping: is this in any way dodagble, or would i need to offset-effects to be -just- above the water to work as intended? (so no option ever of for instance, under water bubbles ?)


To not displace water, you should be able to give the object a collision type of none.("region_collision_shape": { "type": "none" }). To play multiple effect at the same time, either use the effects property instead of default_effect or play the effect from code.


I can probably get the collision to work with this hint, I’ll hope I can manage the second.
Is there a way to tell hearthlings to sit on something as if it’s the floor @max99x? So to use the anim they use around the hearth for sitting down on the floor?

Haven’t tested it, but "stonehearth:mount": { "mounted_posture": "stonehearth:sitting" } should work.


I like the Idea of having a Bath/Hot Spring for hygiene purposes.
Maybe consider adding Bath Bombs as a craftable item, that can be used to Apply buffs & have De-Buffs for dirty hearthlings.
Buff/De-Buff Ideas off the top of my head:
Aroma Buff, makes hearthling smell nice & makes everyone happier when chatting/interacting.
Stink De-Buff, makes hearthling smelly & makes everyone upset when chatting/interacting.
Septic De-Buff, dirty hearthling wounds become septic & slowly drain health until cleaned & treated.
Super-Soaker Buff, keeps hearthlings cleaner for longer & applies stat buffs. But no interaction boost.

Which ever direction you decide to take it, I look forward to playing with your Mod in the future.


both the collision trick and the sitting posture worked :smiley:
now to work on a hot-water-vapour-dispenser thats not so obvious.
preferably with some form of taking-a-hot-bath-AOE buff or something, but thats for later. model and effects first :slight_smile:

edit, WIP pic:


Nice! I look forward to a hotspring in my next town. :jubilant:


see the edit with pic attached :smiley:

Nice idea ^^

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a little update on the cubemitter experimentation. currently still takes four “hot water” generators to do it but im working on making a sort of “THIIS ITEM NOW DECLARES THE NEAREST 7x7?/5x5? idk HOT WATER” sort of affair.

it already no longer looks like someone put a jet engine in the water facing upwards…
if anyone happens to have a sort of “hot water/stpring/water” sound laying around, i’d be might interested… the sound of…well. hot water steaming? its a subtle affair :stuck_out_tongue: