Keeping the snow away from fire, the clever way

i just got a genius idea from @Banto and was wondering how -exactly- the snow is rendered.

what i want to do: keep snow away from fire

experimental though: add a collision box like 5x5 wide and one high like 20-30 blocks up from the fire generating objects so it doesnt clip into anything, but hopefully, stop the snow. does the snow look for collision boxes, or actual visabillity?

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The problem is that it will also prevent rain, form floating magical blankets of snow floating high on the sky and if build deep underground, can cause issues overground (unless you make them reeeeeeeeally high)

Either way, would probably work but feels like a hacky solution :expressionless:
I’m sure it can be done more… elegantly? :blush:

i can deal with some magically evaporated rain :stuck_out_tongue: shouldnt be -too- bad
and yes i was thinking of high up. hacky, but i havent got a better plan XD


Hearth pavilion? :wink::joy:


Trolling level: artist :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair, it would keep snow away from your fire! :smiley:

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yeah but its not exactly subtle now is it kitty :stuck_out_tongue: ? i wish i knew how the rendering code worked… keeping snow awa from fire, making the ocasional -notsnowbutleaves- fall in the spring (snow. but different texture, that looks like leaves, also less dense) that kinda stuff could probably do a lot for atmosphere.


As subtle as a Mjölnir/Thor to the face? :wink:

Is there a way to change the effects around it? Make some steam occur when snow/rain weather, sizzling for autumn [leaves]?

Different effect could have different audio, but how to swap the effect in on the right que? That I don’t know