Disable weather animation?

Is it possible? just the animation.

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up extra 8 characters

so stonehearth runs a bit better on pc’s that cant handle the effects or something?
so the rain buf/debuff still runs just not the actual particles falling?
should be doable somehow. probably just a few lines of code re-routing all effects to the sunny-day ones?

yes, yes, dunno

Well a mod of that line could probably be thought up. If bored enough I’ll take a look for you later :stuck_out_tongue:
see bruno’s reply, im taking his word for it.

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Just use low graphics. The particles from rain or snow does not slow down the game. (No more than a firepit fire)

Tend to disagree. While the fps don’t drop, I notice a marked increase of “lagginess” when turning the camera, especially on “superspeed”.

The rain also makes it harder to focus on relevant details (though I’m slightly susceptible to motion sickness, which may play a role).