Radical optimization

Is there a way / mod to turn off particles / animations / rain? Yes, the laptop sorely lacks this.

There’s got to be a way. It contracts a lot when it’s raining.

If you’re playing with ACE, then I don’t think there is.
If you’re playing without ACE, then : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1865588672

And ace and this mod is installed, does not work

ACE (and this mod) doesn’t remove the rain effects - it just improves it

No mod removes those effects completely, as far as I’m aware. It’s possible to make a mod like that - yes, but I think it’s hardly happening since these effects have gameplay value as well (it’s important to know when it’s raining, snowing, etc… or to see what fires are lit and so on)

You could probably remove these but my guess is that it would also remove a lot from the game experience as well, so such an option doesn’t even exist in ACE.

But a mod would simply have to “mix into” these files like weathers and objects and remove their effects, basically. It’s a relatively simple thing to do.

This will remove the rain, but add the rain / snow icon. And make the particles static or to a minimum. Referring to the wonderful implementation of trimming animation in optifine (minecraft).

Well, that would require new effects to be setup, which is still rather trivial but not so simple anymore

It would be great :jubilant:

I decided to dig into the settings file and turned off shadows and high textures there and set the maximum lighting to 0. And you know what? 40-60 fps on a laptop without ssd :relaxed:

Lagging was most likely caused by a framed border / stroke on every grass block or object

You do not need to mess with files. those are in the game options

In the settings, I could not make the maximum number of shadows to 0.

If you play the game on a laptop my bet is lag is caused by CPU throttling, not GPU. Stonehearth is not GPU-intense at all.
My nVidia panel even suggested to run it on integrated Intel instead of GPU but that’s a no-no because we need all CPU power we can get so what can be run elsewhere should be run elsewhere to avoid needles calculations and heat. That being written: if the only GPU a laptop has is the one integrated with CPU then playing SH is probably not a good idea - it’s the least optimal setting which will cause temperatures to rise like mad.

I have a dream that someday someone will replace the mess that is SH AI with a much simpler implementation that will allow you to build towns with hundreds of dumber hearthlings. It would be a very different experience, but clearly a lot of people play the game in the hopes of making a bustling city, not to get close and personal with each inhabitant, which is the playstyle the game is build for.

Can then increase the AI ​​update (updating states and scores (environment, mood, etc.) in an asynchronous process) and prioritize the UI response since it cannot be paused while it is in the counting process.

Adding thread- or process-parallel AI is not really possible without changing the core engine, which is not available to modders (or maybe by hacking the Chromium process that runs the UI), so that’s a much harder goal, but simply eliminating the super detailed things like block-by-block, pathfinding-heavy building, agent-independent decision making, etc., could definitely have a huge impact, and are very possible to do in a mod.

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