[Question] Multiple Destination Regions

Hello all :smiley: just a quick question!

Can an object have multiple destinations regions with different uses? That is, let’s suppose my item has a special use (like a harvesting action) and a storage; can these actions have their own destination regions or all actions have to share the same region?

Not that I know of. You can make the destination multiple rectangles by turning it into an array, but I don’t believe you can specify which of the rectangles to go to for a specific action. I’m not really an expert when it comes to furniture modding (I’m more of a biome guy), but you might be able to do something in Lua to get what you want here. Don’t quote me on that though.

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-racks brain- i havent really fiddled with destinations yet (for those less in the know: places where your hearthling stands to use an item, like in front of a crafting table)

but i havent noticed any item in stonehearth ever using this kind of functionality.
the obvious workaround would be to have multiple items that slot into each other somehow.
dont the fountains do something like that? /not sure cause i havent really fiddled with those either

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Not directly, but you can create (potentially invisible) child entities that have their own destinations. That’s how firepits work, for example - they generate invisible seat entities which are what hearthlings search for and sit on.


Ohh, right! Firepits!

Makes sense, I think I can make it work with invisible child entities.

Thank you!