[solved] Placing furniture from a crate?

Hi all,

I was thrilled when I got my crate storage system going. Great for organization and optimizing workflow (less walking around carrying stuff). Unfortunately I can’t discover how to place a furniture item (e.g., another crate!) from within a crate. Is this possible yet or do I just have to abandon the idea of storing furniture in crates?


are you not able to place them through the item placement menu?

here’s a simple screenshot to show the menu’s UI,


YES! Thank you, I’d never placed items through that UI, only by clicking on the item in the world and selecting move. SO MUCH BETTER!

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good to hear that was the only thing that was stopping you, and that it wasn’t a problem with the crates :smile:

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It’s not the first time that players reported that they didn’t know that UI existed. Perhaps it’s not as intuitive as it should ?


I’d chalk it up to user error. The icon on the button reads pretty well; it makes sense that it’s not on the top level choices; it makes sense that it’s behind the building menu. Just my fault for seeing it probably a dozen times without wondering what it does.

It does make me want to build a tutorial mod though. I guess I should poke around and see if anyone is working on one yet.

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