Please! allow us to place furniture that is stored in chests / crates by Default

if you forget to change chest or crate settings you will have all the furniture you just made stuck in storage and you cannot place it until the AI decides to take it out

easiest way to destroy town morale?
step 1: build crate or chest
step 2: queue all your furniture to be built
step 3: place crate
step 4: forget to set storage settings
step 5: regret everything

its been 10 days… my hearthlings find no rest nor comfort in this land
:cry: maybe tomorrow they will empty the chest? high pitched and hopeful, but not really
(they don’t) :sob:

day 28… finally just gave up and made more furniture… :unamused:

Press ‘P’ and it’ll display a furniture placing UI, it’s also in the building ui group(alongside templates and custom)
This’ll allow you to place any pice of furniture that is in your inventory

:astonished: Dude!

you are teh best. :grin:

this should be default

Well… It kinda is, it’s a chair icon with a arrow on it,
It can be misunderstood, but is pretty clear to be honest

But still, it is unclear that this exists for new players, so we do need more of a tutorial or guide in the game

what? its not clear at all :confused:
the chair icon is to un-deploy the chest not go into furniture mode

oh oh, you mean the place item chair under the build and design section :weary: that is not even close to chest ui

updated post title

I just don’t see the point of having two separate ui systems when you only need the one for storage that does the same thing the place item button does, it lets you selecting the items in storage but not place them? why not just add it to the storage ui? :hushed:

Well, if we had it inside the inventory UI, you might click on a puce of furnatur just to see the quantity or property(though you can hover, i’d imagine doing so), and accidentally placing an unwanted pice of furnature

And the placement UI only displays placable items and only the ones that are undeployed, in contrast, the inventory shows all the furniture, including the ones that are deployed, which can lead to confusion, it is a pretty handy UI, and i can’t really think of an alternative

And also, no, i was talking about the chair icon on the build tool group, not the custom design section of it, (the UI before you click on custom building design and templates)

thats even more confusing than I originally thought it was

its simple put it into the inventory UI and let someone that has placed an item cancel the placement and just like that you don’t have to worry about accidentally doing that

these items exist in this hearthling world and they all are either on the ground in a chest or in a building, this ui system exists outside of all of that? bad ui

I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so negative, but this seems like its trying to solve the problem of having multiple storage locations and giving the player a free pass on being disorganized

rather than this, wouldn’t it be better to give the player more storage options so that they can be more organized than just making a ui that will find anything? thats one of the main challenges of the game imo

sry mini rant :sweat:

let me put it this way…

find me a game where you have an inventory

now find me a game that doesn’t allow you to interact with that inventory screen