Smokey's Music!

Ok, so first let me say that Smokey is not a description of the music, as it doesn’t sound very smoky at all, that’s just my name :wink:

Well if you haven’t guessed it already, then you’re an idiot this’s my music thread! With the announcement of fan-made music in the game, I decided that I’m not going to be able to even try and get in unless I actually put some stuff up. So I’m doing that.

Just as a side note, I’m quite young as some of you know. All that this means is that I haven’t advanced very far in musical knowledge, and have extremely limited experience with composition. The one piece I properly did in school got an A*, so I’m obviously not plain god awful, but not necessarily much better just because of that. I’m most of the way through a music GCSE, pretty confident that I’d like to take it for A Level and would quite like to take it for university, in order to become a composer like I want to be when I’m older, composing for games like Doug. Getting into uni might be a problem (Grade 7/8 desired and although I’m working through Grade 3 in piano, I don’t think I can get any further than Grade 6 by then. Maybe I’ll take a year out. I don’t know)

So yeah. I will update this OP as more pieces are created/finished. The first might be up (though I might change my mind) when I can figure out how to upload from Finale to here.



all this time? all those late night drinking games? all those visits to the porcelain shrine, and you never told me you were a musician?

you cut me man… you cut me real deep… :cry:

really looking forward to hearing your work! :smile:

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If you read @tyrcian’s thread you may just pick up that I have musical interests, but I suppose I haven’t mentioned it much at all. It’s mostly because some of the things on here have blown me completely out of the water :boom:

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no excuse… you are hereby, forthwith, officially, off the Christmas card list… however, play your cards right (as in, give me advance knowledge to any and all future musical work) and you may… may just get back in my good graces…

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Would you be able to allow .XML files to be supported on Discourse? Yeah I know, I’m the only person who needs it, but it is pretty necessary without going through much effort

is it possible? sure… can i do it myself? unfortunately no… :space_invader:

Why would you need xml files? I’m quite curious here as I’m not sure how they relate to music.

It’s how Finale Notepad exports its files…I was hoping I could export and upload straight to here. Would it be Radiant who could activate or Discourse?

… I guess Geoffers and Steve can also allow new file-extensions to be uploadable.

Unfortunately, for security purposes, @Geoffers747 and I are unable to access those particular settings …

That would be a radiant or discourse task…

Blame Steve.

He fell asleep on duty and well, I don’t wanna relive what happened.


Disaster strikes!

After cracking my way through another piece, my laptop threw a hissy fit and refused to display anything but the wrong date. I suppose I should’ve been saving as I go, but I was constantly having to save over the top of the file because Finale refuses to allow me to change instrumentation without starting again, so I had to keep copying the music into new documents and didn’t want to save it until it was more confirmed.

Anyway, I lost that stuff. It wasn’t great, but maybe it could’ve been decent. Ah well.

Always remember… backups are for cowards :wink:.

I am pretty sure the second time you will be able to create the piece faster and nicer… looking forward to it.

Weeeellll you say these things, but my memory doesn’t work like that. It was mostly bass line so it was fairly indistinctive, and although I’m pretty sure I can remember it, it hadn’t came out the way I’d planned it anyway. Finale’s sounds really suck (a solo violin is just brain-numbing) and my mum has said Christmas may come early if there’s a deadline date before it. I might buy Sibelius 6 or something myself, although they have it in school so I’m planning to do a lot of work in my free time there. Anyway, I can’t get the sound I want out of a drum. I think the battle piece shall have to wait until tomorrow to be started on, it just doesn’t work at him on Finale.

Keep your chin up brother … I have faith in you… :wink:

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@Smokestacks I’ve found that in terms of free music notation, Musescore is a cut above. Still not perfect sound from it, and there are a few things I don’t like about it, but it’s served me well for the tracks I’ve made for here so far. Maybe take a look at that if you’re looking for a better free option.

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Awesome! Offers so much more, will definitely be making the switch, much appreciated!

Edit: Okay, so problem. I can’t get my file to upload to SoundCloud, as it is in the wrong format. I would download a converter, but I’ve tried 2 already and I’m not having much luck with them. I’m a bit nervous of viruses, so does anyone have a file converter programme they can vouch for? I need to convert either .mus, .mid or .xml files. Any of those can be converted fine.

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quick folks, let’s find him a solid converter… must. here. his. musik! :smile:

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Try Audacity. Free program, free of Viruses if you get it off the official site. Just upload your sound file, and then save as whatever you need. has about a dozen choices

Audacity is cool, but limited. Honestly, if you’re looking for a DAW and want to save money, REAPER is the way to go.

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