Smith's Ingame Religious Idea

This land, witch has been shrouded in mystery, has nurtured and grown a new religion, of with we have never seen before. There are 3 different types, however they seem to act as one, worshiping 5 gods, along with smaller gods for each town. This is highly evident in their culture, seeming to make great feats of engineering with little to no direction on what to do. When I came into the village, they where building a aqueduct, whoever I questioned only had speculations as to why. By the time i had left, the aqueduct was finished, it came up to their farm land, and split off into 2 branches, one went to the west to power the mills, witch was then used for town tasks, and even a fountain, while the other branch went to the east, down to their farm land. A marvel of engineering. Also, enclosed with this letter, it samples of their craftsmanship. These where made without my request, along with the enclosed trade agreement. However, after asking, they told me that the samples where in their “Que”. When i asked them, they claimed that they just had “Ques” Assigned whenever they worked. After more research, watching the workers from when they waked up to when they worked, they appeared not to look at or hear a single order, knowing what to do from the second they woke up. The workers here are highly industrious, and would prove great allies in war or trade.

~Official Imperial Diplomat Loth Warril

Hello everyone! I’ve been inactive lately, VERY INACTIVE. But with the graphics test, it brought back some of my internal excitedness. Am i gonna be very active? No. But have this, Courtesy of my fevered imagination. I was sick and home from school, So i had more time than i would normally.

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Not much, had a detailed conversation on how time is relative and blah,blah, blah. I have also thought of a troop type, I call them H.A.Y. love title change

Its which not ‘witch’

Just not sure what you are expecting from this thread @Smith. Also the idea you are pointing out above is not very clear to me… I’m sorry, might be as it is early in the morning :disappointed:. Can you explain it a bit more for me?

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Yer, sorry @Smith I’m going to have to echo @voxel_pirate here in that I’m not too sure what it is you’re after/ suggesting?

It reads more as a short story piece rather than an idea or suggestion?

It’s, It’s not Its. :notebook_with_decorative_cover: < Use when you need more letters

I wanted what i want to do on every topic i create, to spark interesting ideas and positive conversation. To help elevate other people to a greater and funner plane of thinking.