Small quality of life change for Categories

On the Discourse I tend to post on Categories such as General Discussion, Suggestions, and Gameplay. While browsing the discourse for such topics, I notice there is a huge amount of Active Bug topics occupying nearly three fourths of the screen. While I am perfectly fine for there being Active Bug posts, I think there should be a way (if there already isn’t one) to remove a certain category from being shown.

I think you can hide categories if you want:

  1. Go to your Profile.

  2. Scroll down to the Categories section.

  3. Choose the categories to mute. If the description there is correct, they should no longer appear in the unread tab etc.


you can also browse individual topics by clicking on the topics name.


My wishes would be the possibility to create another level of subcategories. And a way to move to another place the closed/duplicated topics, as well as the NaB / NLA bug reports, because right now I have no idea how many real reports (relevant) do we have… :disappointed_relieved: