Add a Building Template Category


Kinda self explanatory, its such a problem finding building templates as they are kinda hard to find on the discourse. Having a category for them here on the discourse separate from mods would make them way easier to find.


hey there @Rocksmasha, welcome to the discourse :smile:

we (the mods) like the idea and are discussing the best way to go about it.


Sorry for the long delay, but the mods did talk about this, and came to the conclusion that a category wouldn’t be the best for building templates. A quick search through the site revealed that templates are posted in multiple categories, and sometimes are buried within longer posts, that would not make sense to be moved. Therefore, we created the #templates tag, and are working on adding it to topics that have building templates within them.


Don’t forget, there’s also StoneHearth Builds, and while it is a WIP there are a bunch of templates already added.