[suggest]dynamic search/filtering for building templates ui

I love building. I love creating building templates, especially modular ones.
The problem is I end up with a lot of building templates which makes it troublesome to access scrolling down the long list.

add a textbox at the top, in which when text is entered, will search/filter the list shown below dynamically.

Bonus 1: allow common used search terms to be cached so that when selected (e.g. via links shown), it will be equivalent to manually typing that into the search box.

Extra Suggestion: other than name of template, if tags can be embedded into templates and be filtered by that as well. (e.g. theme, function, creator, etc)



Parkitect added a search box to its blueprint menu and I was amazed at how much easier to use that made it. Given, that game already had a search box in its scenery placing menu, so that wasn’t as much work as coding a search feature from scratch. I’d still love to see that in Stonehearth, though.

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