Adding custom tabs to building template?

I like how you can save custom templates but i hate the fact that you can’t put them in their own section together if you’re going with a specific theme. if you’re doing a hobbit town you should be able to group them together in their own tab under HOBBIT. there’s a mod that adds a custom race (i forget what it’s called) and it comes with it’s own custom tab for it’s presets. but everything custom built EVERYTHING YOU save goes into ONE tab in ONE list and that irritates me. is there any way to put them in a custom list presently without the need for a smod to go along with it?


To reiterate your idea.
I think it would be useful to be able to assign “tags” to templates and add search by tags (like on *booru sites). This way you don’t need many tabs. Instead you can use the existing tab and filter its contents.
+add the ability to edit template name/tags.

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I’d be happy with just a name search bar - that really helped with blueprints in Parkitect, one of my other favorite games. But custom tabs would go nicely with what we already have in the menu (might have to find a way to fit more tabs into the menu, though).

I was thinking of a small drop down menu in the currently existing 2nd tab. the original 2nd tab will contain all of the custom builds, the dropdown will let you filter based on custom categories you’ve created.