Saving a template

Hi, while I was playing today I was frustrated because of all the templates that I had saved but can not and do not want to use.

My Idea:
If you press save a new window will open.
You will see your building (finished) in a small window, where you can move the view (zooming out and in, rotating).
You can even change the building vision.
Over that window you will be able to name the template.
And under the window you will have some check boxes where you can choose the biom where and the race which will be able to build this template.
Oh an dthere will be a “save” or “not save” button too :smiley:

You won’t see buildings anymore that you can not or do not want to build in your current game, because of the race and biom.


Hi there,
Good suggestion. We definitely want to add more to the building templates saving functionality in the future. I think there’s currently no way to delete a building template from in-game either, so at least that! Also tagging a template for specific kingdoms from within the game would be nice.

In the meantime, if you don’t mind mucking around with your template files directly, you can specify templates for specific kingdoms (rayya’s children vs acendancy) by putting this line under the “header” section of the building json file:

“kingdom”: “rayyas_children:kingdoms:rayyas_children”

For an example, look at “clay house for two.json” under the saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates folder