Separate Bug category tags

Would like to suggest Separate Bug Tags. One for 32bit and 64 bit support/active bugs. Just can see this getting very confusing for the development team and us.


good idea and used ^^

In the Topic portion most are adding if its 64bit or 32bit build and what release # it is but not all and its a bit confusing (might just be me, which is a good possibility :)) in the Tag area where you select what category it is Suggestion/Meta/Support/General Discussion etc,. That’s were I am suggesting that In the area were you select a category is where to add 32Bit Support or 64 Bit support and if it is a True bug it will change to Active Bug 32bit or Active Bug 64bit.
For one reason or another sometimes ppl forget to add that info in the topic area, so if they forget to add it in at least when they select the support category it’s right there 32bit support or 64bit support.That way there would really be no need to put it in the topic area (they should but it wont be necessary) as long as they picked the correct support category.

Hope I explained it better. This might be one of those - I know what I want to say, just can’t express it right deal :slight_smile: and for that I’m sorry.

hmmm… forum categories or [tagging] thread titles accordingly?

either way, I like the suggestion! :+1:

Yeah I think I just can’t quite explain it right O-well On to more exciting things that really matter… Slaying Goblins and trying to set fire to the Tokens :slight_smile:

Really I am sorry I can’t explain it right (Word smith I am Not!) Anyone have a shovel? so I can dig myself deeper :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the best is forum categories - its the easiest way :wink:

No, no. They aren’t adding what release is. I’m still seeing lots of people that say ‘latest release’ or ‘latest Steam version’. That’s not helpful. Because in a couple weeks who will know which build number was it exactly? :angry:

I don’t completely agree with making separate category tags for 32/64 bit, because there will be bugs that affect both versions.

I think with a tag in the title would be enough, it’s short.
For example,
[Con] [r188 - x86] Farming on Lowest Y Plane

For forum categories I’d want feature-like tags, to distinguish between bugs related to building, combat, farming, mining, crafting, etc, but they could be too many in the end…


Have no clue what the angry face is for. All I was trying to ask for is something like this -

Srry I tried to make a suggestion… :frowning:

he isnt angry at you :wink: he is angry that the most persons cant make an proper Topicname with the buildnumber and the system xD


That’s good I thought I somehow Pissed in his Cheerios so to speak (I must be having a over sensitive moment). This Community is awesome! and I don’t want to upset the applecart. :slight_smile:


Never mind, I was probably having a bad day, I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

The endless new bug reports we get, it’s an OCD hell :disappointed_relieved:

You’re here from May '13 / Oct '14, and you still don’t know that I’m a girl? :wink:

Mm…support categories for 32 and 64… I don’t know, there will be issues that affect both versions for sure.

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Ahhhh sry Relyss - i forget this always -.- Please forgive me my Honorable Lady!

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I should have used ‘Their’ in place of ‘His’. Here is a digital :rose: as an apology :slight_smile:

I’m just Glad I’m not on your :hankey: -list :slight_smile: Hopefully ppl will add the extra info when posting a issue (better yet) hopefully Support/Bugs will be minimal for you (and everybody).