Small infomation mixup (for mason)

small little thing that might have been overlooked. :merry:

((The level 6 mason skill talks about wood when it should say stone)

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I really think the team should just remove these empty skills.
They already removed the empty jobs, and the reasons should be the same, it looks bad (and confusing) to have incomplete stuff.
I’m going to guess these skills are from the time where they wanted that every job to have them at every level. This is not the case anymore, as some jobs have fewer skills and some even have multiple in a single level.
For me, jobs should only have it when necessary.

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never really thought about that, unless there is still plans to add something for level 6?

they have the natures surprise for the farmer that’s there but not implemented yet

Probably, but it is better to remove and only show the skill when there is actually something there. Like the jobs, they now only appear when ready to use.

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I would give a plus one to that .