Profession names in the "Job Abilities" tab aren't shown

I have a Hearthling that has been promoted to five different jobs: Blacksmith, Farmer, Footman, Mason, and Weaver. When I view her “Job Abilities” tab, besides the issue that three of the sets of job ability icons are identical (blacksmith, mason, and weaver use the exact same icons), there is another issue: I can’t tell (unless I happened to memorize the icons) which row has to do with which job.

The only “order” to the jobs appears to be that the current job is on top (which is appropriate). (If I exit then re-enter her stats multiple times, the lines, other than the trapper line, appear in different orders.) I suggest that we preface the text on each line with the job name. For example:
Trapper (Level 1)
Blacksmith (Retired at: Apprentice)

Farmer (Retired at: Apprentice)
Footman (Retired at: Apprentice).

Edit: Now that this has moved to be an active bug, I’ll include the release information: Alpha 10.5-10 (when did we move away from the simple 3-digit release numbers?)


You should be able to mouse over the icons and have it say, "Can use materials crafted by other Blacksmiths/carpenters/masons/etc. They will probably get individual icons later on, but that’s why we have Alphas.


True, this is an Alpha. I get that. :slight_smile: However, I’m posting little, easy fixes as I see them. I’ll poke this thread much later (in Beta time) if things haven’t been looked at by then.


I think this may be a legitimate bug.

I remember them having this in already, so I took a look at the html code they use to draw the character sheet. It definitely includes a call to show the name of the class (before the brackets with the level name). For some reason this is not happening.

So you should probably move this topic to active bugs.