Small Goblin Campfire Stockpile not removable/destroyable

In my World there Spawn alot of small Goblin Campfires once of them, there Stockpile isnt destroyable / removable.
I was Surrounded by Walls and the Stockpile and Campfire spawns outside of my Walls.
There was no way into my Town.
As i open my Walls to Fight against all the Enemies Outside, the Goblins where done before i can Fight them.
The Stockpile was still there.
Maybe there are died out of hunger?!

Steps to reproduce:
Dont know what happen exactly but,

  1. Played the game normally
  2. Protectet my Hearthlings with a Wall surrounded on them.
  3. A lot of Time goes by as i deleted my Walls.
  4. Goblins and there Campfire wasnt anymore besides the Stockpile.

Expected Results:
After the Goblins died or there was gone in any other reason, the Stockpile isnt also anymore in my World .

Actual Results:
Campfire and Goblns are gone, the Stockpile is still there and cant Attack or deleted.

Build on this Place isnt possible too.
Soldiers cant attack the Stockpile also.



Version Number and Mods in use:
Since Alpha 14 until 524 + Debugtools

System Information:
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
Geforce GTX 970
4GB Ram
Win 10 Pro 64

When you select the sword from the lower menu to get the controls for your army, there is also a button so you can select an area to loot. Every selected item will then be collected by your villagers. Have you used that on the stock pile?

Of course!
And this works by the way only when Items are on there.
But there was never some of them in the Stockpile.

and of course you can’t remove it with the debugtool removal option :slight_smile:

Sounds like something for @linda …I’ve never personally seen this before.

Since A14 we’ve made changes to several encounters including the goblin camps. The remaining stockpile is likely due to an old camp (loaded from before these changes) that couldn’t destroy the stockpile because it was looking for a specific file but the file was renamed. New goblin camps shouldn’t have a problem.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new debug command ‘destroy_npc_stockpiles’ to Debugtools that will allow you to destroy the stockpile.

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OK. Going to mark this as #no_longer_applicable. Please post again if you encounter this in a new game.

Thx for response, that Explain a lot.
I will try it later.