Small Bug in Combat

Hey Dev,

I love the game but one thing a bit anoying.
Since the last patch whenever i get into combat on the moment the swing’s " hit" there is a hickup in the game and LUA takes 100% for a bit. Thats every hit so in a combat with 4 mobs it gets frustrating quite fast.

Hope u can find the source :smile:



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hey there @Xenonix welcome to the discourse :smile:

could you post your system specs

and what “level” of graphics are you using?

Thx for the welcome @8BitCrab :smile:,

i have a GTX 760 in my PC with a bit older I7 920.
I have both tried On verry high or verry low shadow settings (vsync is always on) and same for Draw or max light.
Then again i didnt disable high quality graphics since i didnt thing it was my grapic card since it was not really active.
I am thought playing windowed and not fullscreen what might be a issue, should test that.



well during fights lots of anims and particle effects take place, plus at night with zombies all the lanterns would be on adding even more particle effects.

try turning all graphics settings to low, and see i it still runs slow.

also try manually updating your drivers from the manufacturers website.