Stuttering gameplay

Good evening guys,

(To start, still playing on Alpha 19)
No matter how bad I try to ignore it for now, I’m just going to put it here since last complains are from a long time ago.
The game keeps stuttering for me, starting already as small town and getting quite annoying when getting a bit bigger (20 and up).
It very much look likes it is skipping a couple frames every 1-2 second.

With my current specs:

Windows 10
Intel i7-4790
2 x Nvidea 980 ti SLI
16Gb RAM
1440x2560, 144hz Screen

It is pretty much able to play every game on ultra setting at 60fps or above.
I know this is an alpha game, so if its a known issue, so be it.

But if anyone has suggestions they are more than welcome.
Drivers are updated :slight_smile:



Alright, I went on investigation.

  1. Going full-screen seems to help a bit.
  2. Disabling SLI seems to help quite a lot

I have been monitoring my GPU use and noticed my second graphic card wasn’t used a lot, but still some very small 5% peaks.
Disabling SLI removed a lot of the stuttering.

Now something else showed up tho, or at least it is standing out a bit more, and thats the lag when the screen is moved. and some other stutters here and there.
I would say this is the cause of the “Lua” script (Just the lua, not jobs or gc) that is peaking.

Sounds like optimization issues to me, if I can provide any useful info, feel free to ask.

EDIT: Well, a lot of the stuttering also stopped when my heartlings went idle… After I started to give some big commands again A-star rushed bag in and caused heavy performance issues again with the stutter.

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