[StoneHearth Build -465 x64] performance!

GREATE JOB GUYS!!! performance rised around 400% or moar, additionally from 4,7gb of ram at start it takes 300mb!!! thats how optimization should looks like!

But there is still some things which can be polished, i have found that when you plant trees it will start to shutter, i mean does the timer for trees checking whole trees on map which should grow which not? and there is still (but a lot smaller) issue with late game i mean starting to shutter whole game, restart helps me now for 1h!!! before it was 5 min :smile:

Warriors are working perfectly(did you guys changed their area of searching of enemies??), Greate Job!

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Paging @Avairian, @8BitCrab, needs a category…performance?

performance is for reports of crashes, lag, etc. this is more of a “awesome job on the optimization TR!” so community feedback fits a bit better.


@8BitCrab, isn’t that a report of lag… though I agree the general sentiment of the post was “Great Job!”

well there’s only one way to find out, @Xergoos was this post meant to be feedback on the optimization the game has recently got, or a report saying that your getting lag?


both :slight_smile: m8!
did it help?

well… i’ll just leave it in the community feedback area then.